New Released Algo Trader manual trading system

5 days' Free trial is available!

We are contributor of and

we are active traders, all accounts monitored by Myfxbook and Fxblue.

Trade copyDaily FX ReportEmail alert and Mt4 EA rental service are available.

All the services could be Free.

Free trial and 30 Days Money Back will be valid forever!

All trade ideas published in Fxstreet will be executedNo matter win or lose.

We'll never publish ideas that we dare not trade on our own account.

Account 1: Elliottwave System, high volume on high convinced opportunities.

Higher drawdown, Higher profit.

Account 2: Trade copy master account, the equity growth is never below zero for now.

Lower Drawdown, Lower Risk, Lower Profit.

Yearly 20-25% return could be expected.

Ideally Drawdown no higher than 15%.

You could adjust the multiplier of the trade copy EA according to your risk appetite.