If you want to get Daily FX ReportTrade copy, Email Alert or MT4 EA Free,

(Algo Trader system is not included in the "free" plan)

Please following these steps:

1. Please click the logo below to open a live account and fund $7000

SwissMarkets(All Account Types) 

②TickMill FCA (All Account Types)

③AXITrader (All Account Types)

④FXprimus (All Account Types)

⑤ICMarkets (All Account Types)

⑥Tickmill FSA (All Account Types)

2. Please send your account number to info@forexsignal.love

3. We'll send you the trade copy EA and master account details within 24 hours (for trade copy service)

4. If you want to rent the MT4 EA, after you send us your account number, we'll send EA Algo Scalper or Algo Hunter within 24 hours, but need to bind to your account number.

5. Before you make a decision, please must see the introduction below:

Dear Traders:

Welcome to forexsignal.love.

We provide various of services for Forex trading to both manual trader or EA trader. In this section, you could open a live account in some Brokers to get our services free. 

In addition, our subscription fee is very cheap.But I think the cheap price is not equal to cheap technical ability. You could find the samples in FXStreetAlmost all the trade idea has profit moving.

When I was a beginner, I spent a lot on false signal providers or scam EAs. I fully understand how difficult a trader will be: he needs to monitor the market, needs to learn knowledge, also needs to beware some possible scams. So I think I should decrease the subscription fees to a large extent. Regarding to the "Free service",  I'll earn the rebate as "subscription fees". This manner looks more comfortable to both of us.

But recently I just encountered a very unhappy issue.My withdraw was postponed, delayed, "lost", and eventually directly rejected by a FCA Regulated Broker. For sure I could not conclude I met a scam broker, but I 100% believe that the $3000+ is lost...

So we should try to avoid the risk from Broker side.

If you are not convinced with the listed broker below, please simply choose the monthly subscription method. Every service is $30 per month.

That means if you trade on $1000 balance, 3% monthly gain will keep you break even.

It seems not out of reach.

I guarantee that 30 days money back policy will be valid forever!

Good Luck!


Co-Founder of Forexsignal.guru