Strategy Logic

For a long time, we traded on manually Elliottwave analysis. Look for top and bottom signs at potential turning points.

We all know that it's very risky to directly pick the top and bottom if the trend reversal does not develop. So there are many methods to "look for top and bottom signs", such as all kinds of divergence, candle stick patterns, chart patterns, macd cross-over, overbought and oversold , trend line break, channel break, false break the pivot or fibo levels...

But which method is more reliable and have higher winning rate? Perhaps it's extremely hard to answer this question.

Now the trader's experience is very important. But in a trading group or for a special single trade, who's experience is more reliable? It's still hard to measure.

So we want to create a system which could follow the trend and avoid to directly trade against the major trend. If major trend is up, then we trade buy only; If major trend is down, then we trade sell only. If trend analysis and wave count have the same direction, then we may have a potential high convinced trade opportunity...

The idea is simple and easy.
But the way is dark and long...

There are countless sleepless night and numerous failure results in our memory, we always stick to the work until bright sunshine eventually comes.

It took us over five years to create and backtest our trade system.

Here we say sincere thanks to our family and friends who give us long term support and trust.

Also hope this system do some help to our subscribers.

Good Luck!


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